How does it work?

Our High-Integrated design technology sends vibrational waves through your skin that relaxes the part of the body you are working on. Therefore, it increases the blood circulation of the body and does reach your senses to better feeling. The exchangeable heads target specific areas of your body so If you ever suffer pain, our Ondufit Therapy- Massage Gun gives you the best experience and relief. 

Where can I use the Therapy-Massage Gun?

Our High-Quality Therapy-Massage Gun may be use on any part of your body. However, we highly recommend to avoid sensible parts of the body. If you are pregnat or suffer any complicated disease, please consult to your doctor before using the product.    

Is it for everyone?

Although our products are designed for the best experience of everyone, we do recommend to use it for adults only. However, anyone may use it under an adult supervision and their own risk.

How long do I have to charge it?

We recommend you to fully charge your new product before using it. After normal usage, it would take about an hour to recharge it for another usage day.

Is this Therapy-Massage Gun cordless?

Yes, it is totally cordless which allows you to use it and take it anywhere.

How deep does it go, what is its amplitud? 

The depth's relieve of our Therapy-Massage Gun gives you a deep massage of 10-12 mm.

How much does it weigh?

The portable Therapy-Massage Gun weighs about 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

What do I do if my product comes with any manufacturer defect or I want to order a replacement part?

Please contact us as soon as possible in our contact page or e-mail us at ondufit@gmail.com. We will work together to give you the best solution.

How long is the Warranty for?

We are pleased to give you One-Year warranty with our store. Feel free to visit our Warranty Policy and contact us for further information.